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Snipe Groups [BETA]

An advance feature at JustSnipe that allows you to win a certain number of auctions and automatically cancel remaining auctions in a "Snipe Group List" when the condition is fulfilled.

  • Creating a Snipe Group
  • Adding a Snipe into Group
  • Viewing Snipe Group
  • Snipe Group Limitation

This feature is available to all subscription plans.

An example for Snipe Group Usage:

There are 5 items of the same "Nike" shoes being offered but you ONLY want to buy just 1 pair of "Nike" shoes.

You can schedule snipe for those 5 items using the Snipe Group feature on JustSnipe and set the winning condition to 1 item.

Our system will start sniping the first item (at the last seconds before an auction ends). If you do not win the first auction, a second item in the list will be activated. The same process will continue until a condition set by you has been satisfied. Once the condition is met, the remaining snipe orders will be cancelled.

If you have any questions, please contact

# Creating a Snipe Group:

  • Click "Snipe Group" on the Tools menu.
  • Click "Create New Group".
    • Enter "Group Name"
    • Enter "Notes"
    • Choose Group Condition
    • Enter Condition Value.
      i.e. Number of items to win.
    • Click "Create New Group" Button.

# Adding a Snipe into Group:

  • Click "Snipe" on the Tools menu.
  • Enter the following:
    • Auction Number
    • Maximum bid
    • Quantity
    • Choose lead time
    • Notes / comments
    • Choose Snipe Group from the drop down list menu
    • Click "Submit" button

# Viewing Snipe Group:

  • Click "Snipe Group" on the Tools menu.
  • You will be presented with a summary list of Snipe Groups that you have created.
  • To view details of each Snipe Group.
    • Click (VIEW) link
  • To Edit Snipe Group Condition
    • Click (EDIT) link
  • To delete Snipe Group
    • Click (DELETE) link

# Snipe Group Limitation:

Snipe Group has been tested and it works properly in our testing environment. But it is still in BETA phase and requires some tweaking. There may be bugs in this module. Please use this feature with caution and let us know if you find any bugs or would like to suggest any improvements.

  • Snipe Group will not work with the following auction types:
    • Private Auction listing
    • Dutch-format auction
      You will able to add these types of auctions into the list but our system will not be able to see the winner.
  • The end time of each auction in a single group should be at least 60 seconds apart.
    You will be able to add auctions into the list even though the time difference is less than 60 seconds. There will be a warning displayed and you can decide which snipe/auction should be removed.
  • The maximum number of snipe items in one single group is 30 items.
    This limitation will be lifted after the BETA phase.
  • Snipe orders can be assigned into a group when it is first created only. A snipe that has been scheduled earlier but not assigned into group will not be able to move into a snipe group. It must be deleted and re-created.
    This limitation will be lifted after BETA phase.
  • In the "Active Auction" and "Completed Auction" sections, you will not be able to see snipe group status/properties. To see all Snipe Group properties and status you will have to visit the following page: